Zack Pitcher


I was supposed to graduate MIT in 2020. But nature and biology had other plans. MIT shut down campus due to growing concerns of the COVID pandemic in mid-March, and I was forced to spend the rest of my senior year of college doing remote classes in my childhood home in New Milford, CT.

That situation also interrupted the on-campus work that I had been doing, both with MIT.nano and my former lab at MTL. By the time graduation came, I was still uncertain about what I wanted to do and at the last moment decided to stay at MIT an extra year for MEng (Masters of Engineering, a 1-year masters program).

That summer we were screwing around with electronics trying to make a swept volumetric display. We managed to get something working but for a lot of reasons we isn’t end up continuing that project.

Both Cat and I got our funding for MEng from TA-info 6.004 (computation structures, now goes by a different class number).